Friday, April 8, 2011

Indonesian Air Force Projects 10 Fighting Squadrons

The Indonesian Air Force is projecting to improve its military force by 2025, but the plan is hampered by budget issues. Although it has tried to improve the budget, the increase has not been significant.

Indonesian Air Force expert staffer Marshall Parulian Simamora, said the target was to have 10 fighting squadrons, 7 carrier squadrons, 1 VIP/VVIP squadron, 3 strategic spy squadrons, 6 helicopter squadrons, 4 training squadrons, 1 tanker squadron, and 1 PTTA squadron and military equipment by 2025.

In 2011, the Indonesian Armed Forces was given a Rp44 billion budget, while the Air Force was given Rp7.4 trillion, Rp4.2 trillion of which was used to improve existing military equipment.

Which such budget, the military hopes the national industry can maximize the development of the military and defense equipment industry. Indonesian Air Force chief of staff Marshall Imam Sufaat said a strong local defense industry could reduce dependency on foreign aid.

Imam said the local industry he referred to was not only the plane, rocket, satellite and air balloon manufacturing industry, but also the aviation system industry or airplane component industry. Besides the industry sector, air defense must also be supported by the aviation service, such as air transportation, telecommunication services, flight safety, and maintenance.

PT Dirgantara Indonesia’s Aerostructure director Andi Alisjahbana, said the need for fighting and defense equipment did not always rely on foreign producers. Maintenance and repairs are needed to generate the component industry.

Dirgantara has developed a specific helicopter for the past two years. This year, PT Dirgantara plans to send four helicopters to South Korea. The four helicopters, valued at US$100 million, were ordered by the Korean Coast Guard.

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